Vertebrate Diversity study pack (full)

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Vertebrate Diversity study pack (full) [docx]
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Attribution: Vertebrate Diversity study pack (full) Prof Helen Chatterjee is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
    Vertebrate Diversity study pack (full) [docx]
    Vertebrate Diversity study pack (full) [docx]
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    Vertebrate Diversity study pack (full)

    The following web-book contains a series of information chapters broadly outlining the diversity of living vertebrates, with a few notes on their fossil relatives. Below is a collage of specimens from UCL's Grant Museum of Zoology illustrating the wide diversity covered in this web-book – from jawless vertebrates, sharks, and ray-finned fishes, to amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. To download this resource as a single file, see the collection page: Also see the related resource Vertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution study pack here: Disclaimer: 'Vertebrate Diversity' was originally designed by UCL staff as an internal teaching resource. The subsequent release of 'Vertebrate Diversity' as an OER means that any changes to the product received relative to the original content may not reflect the desires of UCL teaching staff, or the original quality of the resource. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International Licence: 'Vertebrate Diversity' has been released as an open educational resource (OER) on a Creative Commons 'Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike' license. This means that once downloaded, content can be modified and improved to complement a particular course. This requires, however, that improvements are recycled back into the OER community, and full attribution is made to UCL. All content present at the time of download must be accordingly credited and, in turn, novel content must be appropriately licensed. For more information, please refer to the license deed by visiting:

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    CC BY-SA 4.0 International. Recommended citation (Harvard): Chatterjee, H. (2019). ‘Vertebrate Diversity study pack’. [OER] University College London, OER repository. London. URI:

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