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The value and role of street vendors in the Thai high street, in promoting social cohesion and socio-economic prosperity
Street vending can be a survival strategy for women and the urban poor and contributes to social cohesion in Thai society. Research on the relations between street vendor and buyers in four specific site areas where are selected case studies in this dissertation has tended to focus on perspectives from vending stakeholders, which are the seller, buyer, general public and authorities, through the ‘Returning footpaths to pedestrian’ policy, 2014, in order to investigate the impact of the existence and disappearance of street vendors in Bangkok. However, there are limitations to this approach because many vendors have already been relocated and the concept of social cohesion is multi-dimensional. This study uses data from surveys, interviews and observations to explore the manifestation of street vendor-related social cohesion and socio-economic prosperity in Thai society. Quantitative data analysis methods are used to interpret and explain street vending patterns affecting its location and buyers’ behaviour in different areas. Then, to conclude, the study investigates the role of Thai high-street vendors in aspects of contributing to social cohesion and economic prosperity, on which research is limited. The results show that street vendors encourage an inclusive city where streets act as public spaces for all, including vehicles, non-motorised traffic, pedestrians and socio-economic activities (vending). Furthermore, street vending involves building social integration and co-relationships between diverse people in the community as the same fabric, and also supports the place being more vital and safe due to the opening time effects. Therefore, policy interventions need to study the street vendor role in regard to social aspects in order to retain and improve the better vending on the street in Thailand; these policies may then be applicable to global street vending.

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