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Mobility Governance: understanding the institutional structures required to promote and effectively manage shared mobility services in Santiago de Chile
In a context of environmental crisis and unseen pace and scale of development changes, new technologies, such as shared mobility platforms, are emerging as potential solutions to current urban challenges. These innovative trends are revolutionising not only the way people move around and understand the whole concept of mobility, but also the way mobility is planned and governed. These changes, often framed as socio-technical transitions, are complex and raise questions about struggles against existing regimes, externalities (both positive and negative) and how they should be managed. Therefore, the success of a transition from private car ownership to shared mobility systems will depend not only on design and engineering aspects, but also on adequate governance structures that promote and manage the transition.  Through the qualitative analysis of the institutional structures of Santiago de Chile’s governance and mobility issues, this dissertation highlights the reforms, strategies and measures required to facilitate a successful transition into new socio-technical systems such as the shared use of transport means. Based on the evidence, the current political fragmentation and lack of a metropolitan authority has proven to limit shared mobility effective and fair development in the city. Therefore, it is argued in favour of the need for a new model of governance to address the ‘silo’ mentality and (current and future) mobility challenges. A holistic vision must be implemented when planning mobility for cities like Santiago and for this to happen successfully, the coordination of multiple groups of interest (national/regional/local government, the private sector, academia and civil society) is fundamental. The reform of current institutional structures plays a central role in ensuring the sustainable development of Santiago de Chile’s mobility system.

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